Re: [dev] Re: Linux distros that don't suck too too much

From: Михаил Ивко <>
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2017 19:24:15 +0700

2017-02-02 18:19 GMT+07:00 <>:
> On Wed, Feb 01, 2017 at 07:48:34PM +0100, Josuah Demangeon wrote:
>> > Useless to spend time on this, since guile is not suckless.
>> I am curious about the languages that you would consider suckless.
>> I learned POSIX shell scripting and awk, I am also trying C and a few lua.
>> Is there something else you would advise to learn or something to avoid in
>> properly used sh / awk / C / lua? Myrddin is on my to-do list.
> Write it in simple C, it's the best compromise. Compose C programs with simple
> sh scripts.

Why exactly C and Shell? Other than obvious historical reasons, I mean.
It's a depressive thought that we as an industry hasn't come up with a
better way to
design systems than by combining two haphazardly thrown together languages
from the 70s, and there's no room for improvement
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