Re: [dev] [st] [PATCH 2/2] Keep end of lines in memory when resizing terminal

From: hiro <>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2017 15:52:09 +0200

I want to start a tmux debate:

I could imagine a shell environment where when I open a terminal it
automatically starts a dtach'ed shell inside instead of just a shell.

I should be able to close the shell and thus dtach and thus the
terminal by running ctrl-d in the shell. If I just press the little X
to kill the terminal it should keep the dtach'ed shell running though.

If I run ssh from that environment it shouldn't just start the
configured shell in the server that I login to. It should instead run
dtach on the server and the shell inside, so that when I resume my
laptop and regain network connectivity that same script that wraps ssh
will start a new ssh session and attach to the old dtach'ed shell

Of course if I reboot my laptop all my local dtachs will be lost. But
I should be able to find all remotely detached shells from my favorite
servers easily and possibly even attach to some of them automatically
once I regain network connectivity. And while I have local dtaches
they should show up in the same list with the same effort on my side
as remote ones.

This way dwm indeed can keep on providing trivial terminal window
management, while sessions are completely transparent to Xorg, your
terminal or whether they are remote (via ssh) or running locally.

Obviously this requires support on all servers, and it doesn't solve
the scrollback problem. But I'd find this more useful than solving any
scrollback problems.

Obviously on dwm you could customize and increase UI transparency for
the user by doing clever things with tags, window placement rules and
dmenu, making everything be just windows coordinated by dwm+dmenu.
Some of the cool kids here will love it I'm sure, though i don't even
want this, lol.

On 3/27/17, Cág <> wrote:
> Laslo Hunhold wrote:
>> I don't want to start a tmux debate here of course.
> Neither do I. Thanks for the answer.
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> caóc
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