Re: [dev] [dwm] twin-head displays as single tags / workspaces

From: Kuba <>
Date: Sat, 20 May 2017 22:08:26 +0200

Thanks for answering Anselm!

> Do both of your screens have the same size/resolution? If yes, the the
> simplest method would be building dwm without XINERAMA support and
> treating the dual head setup as "single head". Perhaps with patching
> updatebars() to only adjust the barwidth to sw/2, so that it doesn't
> stretch with a gap in the middle.

Nope, both screens have different resolutions (1680x1020 +
1920x1080)... And (with regards to your comment at the end of your
email) I know where to find a bigger screen, but my boss doesn't :)
Additionally, having two screens actually works well to sort windows -
screen in front of me gets the actual important stuff, whereas the one
on the left gets all "rubbish" windows - necessary for the program,
but less important. (and the 3rd screen on the right serves ms windows
:D )

> If you keep multihead setup, you could amend view() in a way to
> iterate over all monitors instead of selmon -- literally applying the
> view() command to all monitors. Something like:

Aha, I see where this code is going! Thanks a lot, I'll try it next
week at work.

Best regards,
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