[dev] [dwm] twin-head displays as single tags / workspaces

From: Kuba <kubaraczkowski_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2017 17:31:04 +0200


I'm just starting with dwm after my xmonad setup died on upgrade to
RHEL7.3 and it's great! Simple, super fast and I can understand the
config! :D

Would it be possible to have to have a setup with 2 monitors where
both are managed as a single tag?
That would create "dual head workspaces" - I work on many projects at
the same time and each project needs many windows - perfect for dual
head setup. Currently to switch between projects I need to adjust tags
on each of the monitors. If what I propose would be possible then a
tag switch would be switching both monitors.

In fact something like "linking tags" would be sufficient - you switch
a tag on any screen and that switches to a "friendly tag" (or tag with
the same name) on the other screen.

Thanks in advance for advice!

Best regards,
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