Re: [dev] [question] gobo linux filesystem hierarchy

From: Rendov Norra <>
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2017 17:15:30 -0400

I use a modified version of the Gobo hierarchy (pretty much just
keeping programs in /Programs and symlinking them to root), and I
think it's a definite improvement on using a package manager or
installing to root. It's stupid simple to set up, the shell script I
use to symlinking everything is ~20 lines.

The only issue is when some programs don't play nice with symlinks. I
believe mdocml's man throws a fit. But other than that, I like it.

On 7/4/17, Kajetan Jasztal <> wrote:
> Hi there,
> What do you think can be the downsides of filesystem hierarchy of
> Gobo Linux[0]? STALI[1] was attempting to modify default hierarchy
> after all. I personaly think it's clear, evident (only problem I have
> is hiding symlinks in /) and elegant. It's in a way compatible with
> Unixes by symlinking. I guess it's not that good after all, but
> I can't see what can be the problem here.
> Regards
> [0]:
> [1]:
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