[dev] [proposal] suckless-nettools

From: Daniel Hammond <viztheman_AT_theinternetemail.com>
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2017 12:21:54 -0400

Hi, all:

I've put together a suite of net scripts that were inspired by the
suckless philosophy. I'm trying to avoid nonsense like network.d,
netctl, etc. by just using the tools (most) distros ship with, like ip
and iw. Link is thusly:


It currently only supports dhcpcd and dhclient, but it's trivial to
 add support for sdhcp. I never use sdhcp because the broadcasts are
getting shredded by my firewall somehow. (No idea what's up there: test
code I hacked together in C is doing the same thing, yet standard
clients like dhcpcd are fine.) I assume sdhcp works for other folks,
though, so it can be added without much fuss.

I've been using it on my laptop to avoid Network Manager/wicd/what
have you and it seems to work well enough. It shouldn't require bash and
 has been tested under zsh and loksh. (Tested-ish.) Feedback is welcome
if you're so inclined.

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