Re: [dev] [ANN] samurai: ninja-compatible build tool

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Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2017 09:28:16 +0000


Since I'm currently rebuilding a desktop gnu/linux distro from _my_ scratch:

        - the wayland stack did switch to meson(python3)/ninja(c++). meson is
          handling "classic" cases, but if you go in corner cases, it breaks
          easily, for instance, if you want static libs/bins instead of dynamic
          libs/bins (most of the time, the autotools can handle that roughly
          without help).
          I'm not going for a wayland stack right know but for a xorg stack and
          the shared libepoxy(C, python3 code generator) is now meson based and is a very
          little project. Then I'm writting a small sh script to build it due to high
          meson breakage. I will still use the python3 code generator, but an expat/C
          rewritting looks sexy though... (I'm thinking about it for mesa python2 code
          generators, yes they do break with python3, lol). I'll push that as
          "contrib" code upstream.

        - llvm is a huge cmake(above insane c++ and not even able to build with
          libressl, lol)/ninja(c++) project: if you want to stress test samourai...

That said, unrolling c++ into C is a very good thing, since anything c++ is far
away from sanity and trying to fix that for the world is commendable. But the
real nasty points are huge critical c++ projects:
        - gcc is turning to a c++ project (libcpp is the most damaged).
        - llvm for shader compilation is just a massive pile of brain damaged
          c++ junk, and my words are gentle.
        - all modern and "working" js-enabled web renderers (aka, gecko and
          webkit forks).

If I can switch from ninja to samourai on llvm, you bet I'll do it!

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