Re: [dev] Moving scc

From: Anselm R Garbe <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2017 07:51:06 +0200

Hi Roberto,

On 9 August 2017 at 21:12, Roberto E. Vargas <> wrote:
> A lot of different things happened since that moment, some of
> them in my life, and some of them in the suckless community.
> Due to these changes, I don't feel scc as a suckless project
> anymore, and as project founder, main contributor (I think
> I wrote about 95% of the code) and maintainer, I have taken
> the decision of moving scc away from suckless.

No objection.

I know that was able to provide your project some kind of
infrastructure, however in terms of visibility and traction you didn't
display scc very prominently on yet, hence I guess most
of suckless software users didn't really notice that scc existed at
all. So moving it to some other umbrella organisation is no problem
for us, also because it is defacto your sole project.

> After this mail, the new official community where scc is going
> to be developed is bitreich [1], and you can find the new
> repository in [2].

We will move scc to in its current state present
at suckless org and mentioned its new URL.

> [1] gopher://
> [2] gopher://

Btw. bare in mind, that putting scc behind gopher won't increase its
visibility or traction by any means imho, rather the opposite. I
understand the motivation by adopting gopher, but nevertheless I
highly encourage you guys (incl. 20h) to also(!) provide your content
via http(s). You are locking yourselve up in some parallel universe,
if most people will end up using gopher web frontends to browse your
content ;)

It feels a bit odd and highly sectarian, if one _only_ relies on gopher.

Best regards,
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