[dev] Writing subtitles for videos

From: Thomas Levine <__AT_thomaslevine.com>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2017 08:04:26 +0000

I want to write some subtitles for some videos. I found several subtitle
editors through web searches, and their documentation doesn't make them
look very good. What's more, I haven't managed to install any of them
properly, which is both inconvenient and further indicative of suck.

I think that most of what I want could be accomplished by having a video
player that writes the current time somewhere (like a file) when I press
a particular key. I would play the video until I get to the position
where I want to start or stop a subtitle, then I would press the key,
and then I would copy that time to the subtitles file.

Another helpful feature would be to reload the subtitles file without
changing the current time; this way I could review the subtitles more

Do any video players already do this? Or, does anyone have other
recommendations about the editing of subtitles?
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