Re: [dev] TLS / HTTPS support

From: Paul Menzel <>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2017 11:42:51 +0200

Dear suckless folks,

On 08/31/17 11:36, ilf wrote:
> Hiltjo Posthuma:
>> I'm not a fan of automatic http to HTTPs redirects. It would break
>> support for some text-based clients or some simple scripts as an example.
> I'm a huge fan of these redirects. A simple 301 Moved Permanently has
> been part of RFC 2616 sinde 1999 and anything not able to handle that is
> broken:
> Can you tell which clients and scripts break and how?

I understood it the way, that there might be programs not being able to
deal with TLS.

>> HSTS support makes sure http to https links are changed on the
>> client-side.
> Some privacy-settings clean all states on exit, including cookes and
> HSTS. And people mostly type domains into an URL bar, not protocols.

Two more options would be DNSSEC/DANE for the Web service [1] and HTTPS
Everywhere [2].

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