Re: [dev] Writing subtitles for videos

From: Quentin Rameau <>
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2017 16:36:08 +0200

> I think you mean "I am really glad".

No, you're wrong.

> It sounds like you want to have a discussion about how to do things
> constructively.

Not really, I just do things, discussions are what you do and this is
certainly not constructive, as we can see here.

> Are you sure you would have anything to contribute to such a
> discussion, or are you just going to give me a four paragraph feature
> request without actually contributing anything yourself?

I'm sorry, I don't usually contribute to such discussions, I contribute
to actual projects with actual code.
People like you contribute to feature requests and useless discussions,
and noise.

> No, please, the thanks must go to *you*, for adding noise to call me
> out on making noise about you making noise.

I never called you, I don't even know you, you came on your own with
your bro thing (not sure what this is).

> Noise ad infinitum

No, let's stop here, I think too much time has already been wasted (at
least mine for sure).
Feel free to add something surely most useful to this thread, although
I'd prefer you'd actually contribute to suckless, you can find a lot of
things needing actual work to be done.
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