[dev] Congrats on HTTPS, and other thoughts

From: Aaron Toponce <aaron.toponce_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2017 04:11:05 -0600

I just noticed HTTPS was deployed on Aug 30, and it appears that HTTP requests
are redirected to HTTPS. Congrats! I updated the Github repository README.md[0]
reflecting the new change.

    0. https://github.com/atoponce/dl.suckless.org/blob/master/README.md

I also noticed a "sha256sums.txt" file getting deployed througout the projects.
I don't know if that's copied verbatim from my Github repository (every
sha256sums.txt file matches between the two servers), or if they were
calculated independently. I'm working on verifying I calculated my checksums

However, I noticed that some files/directories don't have sha256sums.txt

    ├── 9buntu
    ├── arch
    │   └── i686
    │   └── x86_64
    ├── stali
    │   └── stali.tar.bz2
    ├── tools
    │   └── sent-1.tar.gz
    ├── wmi
    └── wmii

Are these oversights, or just haven't been able to get around to it, or not
needed? Something else? Just curious.

Finally, I noticed that sent-1.tar.gz was pushed to tools/, but the
sha256sums.txt file was not updated. I've updated the checksums on the Github
repo to reflect the new package, but I don't have anything to verify it
against. This is what I calculated after downloading:

    MD5: ad7bd7f9f475826ff6ad00d137a6442c
    SHA-1: cb22066136eca4960eb996839cf2772f1d2fc200
    SHA-256: 7bf3de9311ce291ff36adf5315b78fa72373e3ab80ca71387fb5884bcbd7be33
    SHA-512: 4797468bf949de507662253eac1ec80f566553051f407a55a88ccdd6544532c0d8d0f51bb11b88bdff78e6630519558049569ac0c9d3d8279f243882653ef1c0

Thanks, and again, congrats on the new HTTPS deployment!

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