[dev] [Announcement] slstatus

From: Aaron Marcher <me_AT_drkhsh.at>
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2017 23:43:28 +0200


To all of you who have not noticed it yet:
During the suckless hackathon 2017 slstatus was imported into suckless.

> slstatus is a suckless status monitor for window managers that use WM_NAME
> (e.g. dwm) or stdin to fill the status bar.

Basically it started as a fork of dwmstatus (which is now deprecated in favour
of slstatus). Now it is a lightweight status monitor written in C which can
display a lot of useful information using resource efficient information
gathering methods. It can be easily configured for any usecase using config.h.

I started this project some year ago to fit my personal needs. Apparently the
community around suckless and specifically dwm liked my program and quite a few
people use it every day. I am happy to have this project on suckless now!

The repos are:

I am always welcome to constructive criticism and patches!


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