Re: [dev] Are all dlopen() functions in the stali suppressed?

From: k.suzaki <>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2018 17:10:18 +0900

On 2018/01/09 15:49, Daniel Cegiełka wrote:

> 2018-01-09 3:22 GMT+01:00 k.suzaki <>:
>> Dear,
>> I found some dlopen() functions in the stali source code. I guess they are obstacle of static linking.
>> However, the configure files and .m4 files have the open "enable_dlopen=no".
>> Are all dlopen() functions suppressed when the source files are compiled as static linking?
>> # If so, it is a good job.
I read the article "static linking and dlopen". There are many following
threads discussing static linking and dlopen.
However, I cannot understand the solution for stali.

I found the useful thread which describes the dlopen in musl clearly.
     musl includes a dlopen function.
     When a binary is statically linked, it is a stub.
     When a binary is dynamically linked, it loads the shared library

Does a static linked binary in stali have a stub?
Does the binary is suppressed by "enable_dlopen=no" at configure level?
Or both?


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