Re: [dev] [st] solarized light patch colors incorrect

From: Egmont Koblinger <>
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2018 17:22:50 +0200

Whoa whoa whoa... could we stop here for a sec, please?

First of all, before filing this bugreport I checked suckless's
homepage, which says on its Community page: " - for
dwm/dmenu/st/… users, development discussion, bug reports and general
discussion". I did look up that this is the forum that suckless
developres picked for bugreports. Now do you say that bugreports
aren't welcome? Then this page should be fixed (I guess I should send
a patch, right?).

Second, I'd like to seriously understand: Do you believe that a
bugreport (without a patch) has zero, or perhaps even negative value?
If you think it still has a positive value, no matter how small it is,
a "thanks" (or no response at all) would have been a much better

Third: I don't recall being rude to you, or demanding you to fix this
bug, I only informed you about one. I just don't find your attitude
justified at all. I wasn't sure how to interpret Silvan's words, they
could have easily been interpreted as rude, but I assumed good intent
(indeed, I know that a bugreport with patch is much better than one
without), hence my respnose clarifying the situation. But your comment
is surely way out of line.

Fourth: Guess what, I am a developer myself, having contributed a lot
to (and as of now also working on) open source in my free time. I just
don't find the model of cross-fixing each other's bugs a good one. You
know what: I often fix bugs reported by others in the product I'm
developing, and never occurs to me to respond to anyone like this. I
firmly believe it's a more effective model if people preferably work
with the code base and surrounding infrastructure that they're more
familiar with. Read: You're free to report bugs against my project
(minding the style, of course), and I fix the ones in mine, you fix
the ones in yours, rather than the other way around.

Fifth: Not sure if you're affiliated with suckless or just randomly
commenting, but the combination of this style, having to use a mailing
list rather than a bug tracker software, and coming across a tiny
patch that so far 7 people worked on and is still conceptually buggy,
makes it absolutely clear to me that suck "less" is an utter lie.
(Unless you mean "sucks less for the project's developers").

I'm happy to unsubscribe from your list now and never to come back. It
was a pleasure.

wishing all of you the best,

On Fri, Sep 7, 2018 at 4:59 PM, Quentin Rameau <> wrote:
>> My sole intent was to report a bug, leaving it up to you how you handle it.
> Thank you consumer, please forward to your nearest Apple Store Geniuses
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