Re: [dev] [st] solarized light patch colors incorrect

From: Quentin Rameau <>
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2018 19:39:09 +0200

> Whoa whoa whoa... could we stop here for a sec, please?


> First of all, before filing this bugreport I checked suckless's
> homepage, which says on its Community page: " - for
> dwm/dmenu/st/… users, development discussion, bug reports and general
> discussion". I did look up that this is the forum that suckless
> developres picked for bugreports. Now do you say that bugreports
> aren't welcome? Then this page should be fixed (I guess I should send
> a patch, right?).

I say that bug reports should be accompagned with a patch (yes please).

> Second, I'd like to seriously understand: Do you believe that a
> bugreport (without a patch) has zero, or perhaps even negative value?
> If you think it still has a positive value, no matter how small it is,
> a "thanks" (or no response at all) would have been a much better
> reaction.

You forgot to say “IMHO”.
I think that it depends on what the bug report is pointed at.

> Third: I don't recall being rude to you, or demanding you to fix this
> bug, I only informed you about one. I just don't find your attitude
> justified at all. I wasn't sure how to interpret Silvan's words, they
> could have easily been interpreted as rude, but I assumed good intent
> (indeed, I know that a bugreport with patch is much better than one
> without), hence my respnose clarifying the situation. But your comment
> is surely way out of line.

Which line?

> Fourth: Guess what, I am a developer myself, having contributed a lot
> to (and as of now also working on) open source in my free time. I just
> don't find the model of cross-fixing each other's bugs a good one. You
> know what: I often fix bugs reported by others in the product I'm
> developing, and never occurs to me to respond to anyone like this. I
> firmly believe it's a more effective model if people preferably work
> with the code base and surrounding infrastructure that they're more
> familiar with. Read: You're free to report bugs against my project
> (minding the style, of course), and I fix the ones in mine, you fix
> the ones in yours, rather than the other way around.


> Fifth: Not sure if you're affiliated with suckless or just randomly
> commenting, but the combination of this style, having to use a mailing
> list rather than a bug tracker software, and coming across a tiny
> patch that so far 7 people worked on and is still conceptually buggy,
> makes it absolutely clear to me that suck "less" is an utter lie.
> (Unless you mean "sucks less for the project's developers").

It doesn't matter if I am or not.
Good, I think you're starting to understand why bug reports without
action about such patches are welcomed this way.

> I'm happy to unsubscribe from your list now and never to come back. It
> was a pleasure.

Yes, that's one way to exercise your consumer's rights.

> wishing all of you the best,

Thank you, to you too.
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