Re: [dev] [st] solarized light patch colors incorrect

From: Quentin Rameau <>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2018 22:44:37 +0200

> However, not everybody can fix everything.

Yes they can. If they want to.

> For example, I use dwm but
> if I find a bug within I'm pretty sure I'll unable to fix it (example I
> remember the old SDL issue regarding fullscreen), mostly because I
> don't know X11 libraries not because I would not do it. So I think we
> can't just ask everyone to provide a patch every single time they
> encounter a bug.

We can, and I do.

> Everybody make mistakes and errors and asking others to fix them for
> you is a bit rude IMHO. It's like:
> - I have found a very small bug in your application
> - Just fix it yourself, it's my mistake but it's only you that want it
> to be fixed.

It's now clear you got it backwards.
I'm not asking anybody to fix errors for me, the whole point is that
it's the other way aroud I'm against.

And no, it's not my mistake, stop pointing fingers, especially at the
wrong persons.
If you had read the thread correctly, it's about a third party patch.
I didn't write it, the name of the author is accessible.

Please stop wasting time and do something useful with it.

Thank you for your unsolicited opinion, though.

(I hope this wasn't too rude IYHO)
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