[dev] Yet another "sane alternatives" thread

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Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2018 15:11:02 -0600


This is long and rather off-topic (and a bit of ranting is included, as

I have to use EL7/Fedora almost daily and Ubuntu once every week or two.
As you might know, they have this GNOME/systemd/etc. thing. I'm already
kinda used to GNOME freezing, and systemd's "A job is running" ("faster
boot times" hehe), but not and probably will never be used to this:
`ip link set dev enp5s0 up` and lawdy mercy if you have an external
Ethernet adapter ("predictable network interface names" huh). Instead of
`ifconfig eth0 up`. net-tools, while sees some amount of activity on
SourceForge, is deprecated, of which its man pages state quite clearly.


1. Is there any network utility suite like net-tools or iproute2 but
sane and active? Or maybe net-tools was forked by somebody?

2. PulseAudio doesn't need no ranting. Neither does ALSA. But latest
commits on OSS hg site are from 2012, and from 2016 on GitHub. Is there
active development? I see a release from 2017.
How good is the device support? I'm thinking of getting an external
Sound Blaster and wondering if it supports it.

3. Are there any drop-in replacements for Open/LibreSSL and GNU make?
Can BearSSL be used where OpenSSL is used? For GNU make something like
Gavin Howard's bc (shoutout to Gavin!), but for make, i.e.
supports GNUisms.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for answering, in advance (:

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