[dev] Make cleanup

From: stephen Turner <stephen.n.turner_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2018 20:32:13 -0500

If one was going to rewrite a cleaner make what would be the recommended approach?

I see in a slightly older 2012 release of the code entries for windows 32 and amiga. I’m questioning why!

Would it be worth while to strip make of these items and then attempt to clean the code section by section? Diff a legacy and perhaps gnu exclusive version against a newer release, or perhaps another approach?

In the past I have learned coding by jumping into an existing item and rewriting, not sure if this is a task I will take on but the thought has crossed my mind.

I am not skilled enough to start from scratch and make is just too bloated as is to try and tackle for me, I’m thinking perhaps removing these legacy items and going from there?

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