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Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2018 17:30:32 +0000

On 2018-12-30 01:32, stephen Turner wrote:
> If one was going to rewrite a cleaner make what would be the
> recommended approach?
> I see in a slightly older 2012 release of the code entries for windows
> 32 and amiga. I’m questioning why!
> Would it be worth while to strip make of these items and then attempt
> to clean the code section by section? Diff a legacy and perhaps gnu
> exclusive version against a newer release, or perhaps another
> approach?
> In the past I have learned coding by jumping into an existing item and
> rewriting, not sure if this is a task I will take on but the thought
> has crossed my mind.
> I am not skilled enough to start from scratch and make is just too
> bloated as is to try and tackle for me, I’m thinking perhaps removing
> these legacy items and going from there?
> Thanks,
> Stephen

Dear Stephen,

Are you wanting to have a clean reimplementation of POSIX make or a new
(simpler) build system to replace make itself? Having thought about it
my opinions is that the second option is a better one.

If you agree consider joining forces with me on building makes
<> a replacement for make. I have some
initial work here which supports incremental and parallel builds. I'd be
interested to hear you opinions on it.

You'll notice that it is ~200 lines while make is 39643 lines, I think
that this demonstrates some potential of the idea

- rain
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