Re: [dev] [dwm] new release - transition from Openbox

From: Sean MacLennan <>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2019 19:56:11 -0500

I would say give it a try. After using the same window manager for a
long time, I switched to dwm. I tried just about every window manager
(ok, probably not true since there are so many obscure ones) but always
went back to my favourite. dwm was the only one that stuck and was a
big change for me.

One of the big pluses is pinning an app to a workspace. When I boot, I
get two xterm windows in workspace 1, a browser in workspace 2, and my
email client in workspace 3.

A change in the config.h I highly recommend is moving the MODKEY from
Alt to the Windows key:

#define MODKEY Mod4Mask /* windows key */

This doesn't conflict with any apps I use, and it makes sense that the
window manager uses the windows key :D

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