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Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2019 13:15:42 +0000

> What a strange reply. Clearly *some* abstractions are good, otherwise
> we'd all be writing assembly. *How many* abstractions exactly is a
> matter of contention and personal taste. But as soon as someone
> slightly disagrees with you on a fairly minor point you resort to
> insults and "bruh huh, not true suckless".
> Frankly, these sort of comment are unbecoming of a serious programmer,
> suckless or not.

Most "abstractions" hard-wired in computer languages have a technical cost and
a "I want to write the most complex programs with a maximum abstractions constructs to
feel smart" cost (the human factor). It seems that, when some peers are told
their lovely "abstractions" are kind of "not worth their cost", they start
insulting the disagree-ing peers with the "we'd would be writing assembly".
Writing assembly, in the right context, is very good thing.
I did write assembly (68000 and x86, the ez ones), some programs of significant and
different sizes. Some people pushed it even harder with a small OS (menuet OS).
I am pretty sure many of the originators of such an insult have no idea of what
significant features a simple computer language like C brings on top of raw
assembly and why it is doing too much already.

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