[dev] [dwm] [patch] Need help regarding tilegap patch

From: Enan Ajmain <3nan.ajmain_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2019 20:15:12 +0600

I am using dwm-tilegap-6.2 patch to get gaps around windows. But the
gaps only show in tiling mode. I assumed that similar support for
monocle mode could be easily hacked. Now, I changed the monocle
function in `dwm.c` in the following way.

monocle(Monitor *m)
unsigned int n = 0;
Client *c;

for (c = m->clients; c; c = c->next)
if (n > 0) /* override layout symbol */
snprintf(m->ltsymbol, sizeof m->ltsymbol, "[%d]", n);
for (c = nexttiled(m->clients); c; c = nexttiled(c->next))
resize(c, m->wx + gappx, m->wy + gappx, m->ww - 2 * c->bw - 2 * gappx,
m->wh - 2 * c->bw - 2 * gappx, 0);

You will see that the only change I have made is adding `gappx` amount
of space to both `m->wx` and `m->wy` and subtracting `2 * gappx`
amount of space from both `m->ww` and `m->wh`. It's very simple stuff.
But due to my lack of experience, I wanted to make sure whether this
will be in any way harmful. I don't want my window manager to crash
when I need it. So, if someone could point out the faults if any, it
would be much appreciated.

Enan Ajmain
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