Re: [dev] Intrest in mailing list

From: Martin Tournoij <>
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2019 23:16:01 +1200

On Thu, 18 Apr 2019 08:30:47 +0200 (CEST) Thomas Meulendijks <> wrote:
> That being said, I have taken interest in the way this community
> discusses things via mailing lists and would like to use this type of
> communication within my school projects.

If it's a small number of known people, just setting up /etc/aliases
could be enough:


People can then send mails to (assuming your MTA is
properly configured).

Mlmmj that was mentioned basically works like this, except that the
list of addresses are loaded dynamically via a shell command. For small
lists, just manually editing /etc/aliases works just as well and is a
*lot* simpler.

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