Re: [dev] JFS filesystem

From: Daniel Cegiełka <>
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2019 14:40:18 +0200

niedz., 21 kwi 2019 o 12:48 Igor Rubel <> napisał(a):
> Hello!
> What do you think about union mounting and UnionFS in particular?

I really like this idea. This is the Plan 9's bind implementation. You
can mount many different sources in one directory. Imagine that your
login program also creates new namespaces for you. All programs are
clustered in one /bin, and all libs in one /lib... manuals in /man

But with or without unionfs, you still need a filesystem :) I would
like to have one scalable and light file system and it turns out to be
a challenge. In my opinion, JFS looks the most interesting (as a light
filesystem). It has some key gaps vs. ext4. On the other hand, it is
very consistent - there is only what should be and nothing more.

I wonder if I should not rewrite jfsutils (as it was done in sbase).
And that's why I'm asking here for feedback about what others think
about file systems and what their view is on JFS, as a universal file

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