Re: [dev] Pandoc replacement that sucks less

From: Daniel Cegiełka <>
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2019 20:03:36 +0200

niedz., 28 kwi 2019 o 21:46 Thomas Meulendijks <>
> Hi all,
> I am currently using pandoc to convert my markdown files into pdf.
> I do this because of a few things,
> - I want to be able to manage my documents in git.
> - I want to edit my documents in my text editor of choice
> - I want to first type and afterwards worry about styling (for this I use latex templates now)
> I want to move away from pandoc since (on arch Linux at least) the package with dependency is 420MiB.
> Does anyone know a program or programs that can help with this or maybe suggestions on
> changing my workflow / requerments?
> The over all goal is an easy and manageable workflow to create simple pdf 's .

You haven't written anything about the format in which you want to
write your documents. Does it necessarily have to be markdown? If so,
then choose the script written in awk that would convert markdown to
mdoc[1]. I think you can look for markup parsers written in awk on the
web and rewrite the script. However, it is best to write the
documentation in the mdoc format from the beginning. This format is
just for that.

If you already have the mdoc format, then use the mandoc[2] to convert
what you want: ascii/utf8, html, troff (man), markdown, pdf, ps.

My statically linked mandoc binary weighs 466 KB (musl):

# ls -lh /usr/bin/mandoc
-r-xr-xr-x 6 root bin 466.4k Nov 6 21:42 /usr/bin/mandoc

And it contains several programs[3], such as man, apropos etc. LaTeX
can be completely replaced by troff (see neatroff[4]).



> Greetings and thanks in advance,
> Thomas
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