[dev] Programming as a hobby - which language?

From: sZpak <szpak_AT_reakcja.org>
Date: Mon, 06 May 2019 17:06:13 +0200


I prepare myself for doing programming classes/course for kids/teenagers
in a local community center. And I need your advice.

**I have to choose language/technology/environment to teach.**

My current ideas are.

For older teenagers:
* PYTHON, +pygame. (I've already did such classes in the past and It
worked pretty well.)

For younger ones:
* SCRATCH (I don't like it but maybe 7-12-year-olds do.)

Most of you have many years of programming experience and many of you
started pretty early. So I'll be very happy to hear your ideas.

But please note that it's going to be a "programming AS A HOBBY" course,
"programming course for your future professional career".

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