Re: [dev] Programming as a hobby - which language?

From: Anselm Garbe <>
Date: Mon, 6 May 2019 14:49:13 -0700

Hi there,

On Mon, 6 May 2019 at 08:05, sZpak <> wrote:
> I prepare myself for doing programming classes/course for kids/teenagers
> in a local community center. And I need your advice.

I think you ask this question in the wrong forum. Suckless targets
expert users, not programming noobs. But anyways...

> For older teenagers:
> * PYTHON, +pygame. (I've already did such classes in the past and It
> worked pretty well.)

I'd suggest to focus on boolean logic and how von-Neumann architecture
looks like with those folks, rather than introducing them to any
particular programming language. Learning a programming language is
done by studying and exercising it on your own. This also involves
reading good literature (which should be written by an expert and not
a random community center teacher) and reading A LOT of source code in
existing software implementations to learn from.

> For younger ones:
> * SCRATCH (I don't like it but maybe 7-12-year-olds do.)

I'd rather recommend to teach the younger generation about privacy and
how to minimize their data footprint on the internet. This is far more
important than wasting time to learn a programming language at that
age -- those folks should rather spend time outdoors and develop a
proper balance with nature and strengthen their critical thinking

> Most of you have many years of programming experience and many of you
> started pretty early. So I'll be very happy to hear your ideas.

In retrospective I'm very happy that I didn't waste my early life in
front of computers but did lot's of different things until the age of
around 12...

> But please note that it's going to be a "programming AS A HOBBY" course,
> not
> "programming course for your future professional career".

See above.

Best regards,
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