Re: [dev] [Announce] [dwm-6.2] [dmenu-4.9] new release

From: Markus Teich <>
Date: Sat, 08 Jun 2019 23:19:53 +0200

Am 2019-06-07 15:21, schrieb ilf:
> Jochen Sprickerhof:
>>> Up to dwm 6.1, the status bar text had a padding space on the very
>>> left edge. In 6.2, that's not there any more. Even if specifically
>>> adding one or more space glyphs to the text passed to "xsetroot
>>> -name", these are stipped.
>> Should be this on:
> Yes, that's it. But I don't unserstand why this was merged.

Very simple: It was out for review for over a month and nobody

> The status bar has multiple text areas: tags, layout symbol, window
> name, status.
> In the first three, the text content is padded. This change removes
> the padding only for the status area.

I had another look at the patch and as I understand it it only removes
left padding
which should be a NOP as status text is overdrawn by window name anyway.
How do you
notice the behavior change? Are you using a different background color
for status text
and window name? Can you send screenshots of correct and wrong behavior
and list all
patches and the config.h you are using?

> I disagree with that design decision, IMHO it be padded, too. Was there
> a debate on
> this and rough consensus? If so, I'd love an option, but that's not the
> suckless way,
> so someone would need to maintain a patch.

As mentioned above, it was out for review for over a month and no
discussion. This
was no intentional design decision by me. I just wanted to sync what the
code does and
what the comment says. Meanwhile I thought this would simplify the code,
but apparently
it didn't.

If you can provide more details about what exactly is failing and how to
I may come up with a fix. You're welcome to propose a patch yourself
though. ;)

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