Re: [dev] [Announce] [dwm-6.2] [dmenu-4.9] new release

From: ilf <>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2019 21:35:19 +0200

Markus Teich:
> I had another look at the patch and as I understand it it only removes
> left padding which should be a NOP as status text is overdrawn by
> window name anyway. How do you notice the behavior change? Are you
> using a different background color for status text and window name?
> Can you send screenshots of correct and wrong behavior and list all
> patches and the config.h you are using?

Find a screenshot attached and on the web (for a week):

Notice the padding left and right of: tags area, layout symbol area,
window name area - but not status area. See "afk:".

Up until 6.1, the status area had a little padding on the left area,
too. In 6.2 it's gone, and the text is now right on the border where the
area starts.

Does this make clear what I mean? What do you think about this? I for
one would like the padding back. :)

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

If you upload your address book to "the cloud", I don't want to be in it.

(image/png attachment: dwm-status.png)

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