[dev] Mice with 3+ buttons

From: Cág <ca6c_AT_firemail.cc>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2019 09:43:34 -0500


I've recently got two different A4Tech/X7 mice with nine buttons, one
at work and one for home. I'd like to map buttons 8 and 9 to some
keyboard events, let it be volume changing (like
XF86XK_AudioRaiseVolume), or simple copy-pasting for st(1), e.g. let
the button 8 be Ctrl-Shift-C and the button 9 Ctrl-Shift-V.

The question is if it's possible to do it in dwm's config.h, where,
from what I understand, it is by default possible to manage only
buttons 1-3; or on a lower level with X.org tools, *without*
resorting to xdotool(1).

Thanks in advance for taking time

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