Re: [dev] Mice with 3+ buttons

From: Cág <>
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2019 14:36:50 -0500

Teodoro Santoni wrote:

> If xev outputs something when you click in it with those buttons, you
> can use them in dwm's config.h putting in their keysym.
> Never heard of those mivr, they are quite cheap on amazon, I'm
> interested... If all those buttons are supported on linux (e.g. xev
> output a button code for every button clicked) I'd buy one too!

Hi Teodoro,

xev outputs those buttons without a keysym, i.e. "button 8" and "button
9", though these mice are actually 6- and 7-button. The models are:
A4Tech N-708X and A4Tech X-748K. All of the buttons seem to be
supported as button 8 and button 9 work in a browser as move back/
forward in history.

Putting Button8 and Button9 here[0] doesn't work and seems it only
recognizes the first three buttons.

xbindkeys(1) is something I would go with probably but I expected
something default like xmodmap(1) or a xorg.conf.
Best regards
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