Re: [dev] an approach to Matrix client that sucks less

From: Greg Reagle <>
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2020 15:33:25 -0500

Thank you Laslo Hunhold for your feedback.

On Thu, Feb 20, 2020, at 14:54, Laslo Hunhold wrote:
> yes, we haven't looked into Matrix much here. I have to admit that it's
> the most promising protocol out there, in my opinion. What matters for
> a suckless client is the interface.

Based on your other comments, I assume that when you stress the importance of the "interface", you are not referring to end-user interface (like command line, or curses, or GTK, etc.) but more of a lower level interface, like the way that ii works with files and directories and FIFOs?

> A few years ago, Dimitris, Hiltjo,
> I and a few others wrote a client for toxcore, and we kept it similar
> to ii with a file based hierarchy. The client itself was event-driven
> and had a pretty sophisticated state machine to handle the different
> states. We even supported calls and file transfers, but sadly, tox died
> due to internal conflicts and an inconsistent API.

Are you referring to Are you suggesting that I use it as a template for the interface (along with ii).

> Investigating Matrix is definitely a nice thing! I am not a big fan of
> Lua though,

I am certainly open to suggestions to other languages. If using a different language can get me more contribution from others, that would be very valuable to me indeed. But I do want something higher level than C.

> but what matters is the interface. From that point on, it
> shouldn't matter which language you use to implement it.

I understand.

I am not very familiar with IRC or with ii (I've used IRC very very little). Could you recommend and IRC client that works on top of ii that is fairly easy to use, not requiring a lot of scripting and setup and so forth? Maybe something on the level of mutt? So that I can get an idea of how to make a friendly UI on top of the FIFOs.
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