[dev] dead acute not working on release 0.8.3

From: Christian Tenllado <ctenllado_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 12 May 2020 16:35:04 +0200


I have tried to transition from the 0.8.2 realease to the 0.8.3 release,
but I am experimenting a problem with my acute dead key. I use a spanish
keyboard, and need to write á, ó, etc, which you normally do by presing
the acute key and then a or o respectively.

The acute dead key is working for me in the 0.8.2 release (both original
and patched) but does not work in the 0.8.3 release (with no patch
applied). The acute key is no more a dead key in the 0.8.3 release, when
I press the acute key it is immediately drawn, ant the next pressed key
is drawn next to the acute instead of below it.

Does anyone know what can be the source of this problem? Can I provide
any extra debug info?

Thank you all.

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