[dev] Re: Looking for irc client

From: LM <lmemsm_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 19 May 2020 08:40:14 -0400

Pedro Lucas Porcellis wrote:
>Dunno why the specificity of a C++ client, but have you checked the
rocks [1] page already? It has 9 suggestion of irc clients that rocks
the boat of the suckless philosophy.

Planning on building from source and would prefer a C or C++ source
code base since that's what I work with primarily. I checked the
software that rocks page first. Looking for something with SASL
support and didn't see support mentioned for the clients listed on
that page.

David Phillips wrote:
>It's worth noting that Freenode does mandate SASL for certain IP address
ranges known to be problematic for spam/trolls in addition to Tor.

That's why I want to find an IRC client with SASL support. The
connection I'm using is in the category where it requires SASL.
Would like to find something like ii or sic but with SASL support.
Anyone have any recommendations for FLOSS IRC clients with SASL
support? Thanks.
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