[dev] [st] with GPU acceleration?

From: zsugabubus <zsugabubus_AT_national.shitposting.agency>
Date: Tue, 26 May 2020 00:18:24 +0200

Hi everybody,

First of all… please don’t ban me from the list. :)

I haven’t seen this topic discussed before, so I’m very curious what’s
your experience/point of view.

After switching terminal emulators for several times I think I finally
go with st. Though, I had some (really) minor issues with it too, I
could quickly and easily patch those things and now it works like a
charm. I even added undercurl support (just why not?) for pretty
displaying of spelling errors. So I love it.

However :( when I edit files with dense text (=or more files in split
window) I experience some noticeable lag. Looking at numbers, st uses
almost no CPU time, so there is not too much stuff to speed up there. On
the other hand, X server consumes one of my CPUs completely. Redrawing
whole lines at once quickly can get expensive. (Storing dirty bit per glyph
also doesn’t help if half of the line/screen has to be redrawn.)

So I thought about, what if st would got GPU acceleration. I’m just
really playing with the thought. I’m even not sure if it fits in the
concept of ‘simple’. Would you find it useful? Have you ever experienced
st a bit laggy?

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