Re: [dev] [st] with GPU acceleration?

From: zsugabubus <>
Date: Tue, 26 May 2020 11:49:06 +0200

> Are you using st from git master, rather than version 0.8.3 ?
> Because master has minlatency and maxlatency, 0.8.3 has actionfps and xfps.

Sorry, I messed up that. I’m using git master.

> Which application and system do you use? Can you provide more detailed
> information on how to reproduce the lag?

Vim; 60 rows, 200 cols. Add “lorem ipsum” text to make all lines 50 char
long, and make 10-20 lines 300 long. (You can achieve similar effect in
diff mode.) Scroll a bit; move around; add some text/lines. It feels a
bit sluggish for me.

Aha. Now I found that `set listchars=space:x` is also important. If I
`set listchars=` st goes at lightspeeeed.

> Can you test if it occurs on 0.8.3 compared to master? I'd like to know if its
> maybe due to the auto-sync change.

I couldn’t sense too much difference. I would say that 0.8.3 lags
*slightly* less, but one-one lag takes a bit longer.

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