[dev] [ANNOUNCE] vis-0.6

From: Marc André Tanner <mat_AT_brain-dump.org>
Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2020 13:16:57 +0200


I'm pleased to announce a new version of the vis editor, combining modal
editing with built-in support for multiple selections, structural regular
expressions and Lua scripting capabilities.


Changes include:

 - bounded time syntax highlighting using the `:set redrawtime` option
 - support optional count for sam's text commands e.g. `:i3/-/`
 - make `<C-n>` in visual mode match next occurence of existing selection
 - warn when attempting to write to an existing file
 - improved file change detection based on inode instead of path information
 - fix file saves with modifications in file pre-save events
 - fix save on file systems without `fsync(2)` support on directory descriptors
 - do not unlink `file~` when saving `file`
 - introduce distinct `vis-menu(1)` exit codes
 - modify Lua package.path to include <plugin>/init.lua
 - performance improvements for the HTML, XML and YAML lexers
 - new Julia and Elm lexers, better defaults for standard text lexer
 - support optional exit status in `:q` and `:qall` commands
 - better temporary file creation using `mkstemp(2)`
 - performance improvements in highlight matching parentheses
 - improved behavior of `^` and `$` in searches and looping commands
 - improved search wrap around behavior
 - new `:set layout` option to specify window orientation
 - improved filetype detection by matching known filenames exactly
 - support DragonFly BSD in configure script
 - better manual page, fixed warnings
 - removed `gp`, `gP`, `gq`
 - implement `g~`, `gu` and `gU` using `tr(1)`, they are no longer operators
 - removed `v` and `V` in operator pending mode
 - avoid crash if `$TERM` is unset
 - keep selections after `:>` command
 - normalize selections after `:` command execution
 - show pending input queue content in status bar
 - make `r<Enter>` insert a new line
 - new `:set loadmethod` option, valid values are `read`, `mmap` or `auto`
 - always apply `:|` command to existing selections
 - fix terminal UI on serial console
 - various code cleanups, removal of VLA
 - <Escape> resets count, if applicable
 - fix `:X` and `:Y` commands which were interchanged
 - don't strip executables by default, provide install-strip target

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