[dev] On how dwm hides windows

From: <phillbush_AT_cock.li>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2020 21:48:17 +0000

I am writing a wm for myself and I have a question about how dwm (and
a lot of other WMs that copies dwm, such as katriawm and berry) hides

dwm manage() a client when it receives a MapRequest event and unmanage()
it when it receives both a UnmapNotify or a DestroyNotify event, while
hide clients by moving it to WIDTH(c) * -2.

Well, a window unmapped by a client can be mapped again later until it
be destroyed, so dwm can end up manage()ing a client twice if this
client chooses to unmap and then map again one of its windows.

Why doesn't dwm hide windows by unmapping them, ignore UnmapNotify
events, and only manage() a client after a MapRequest event if this
client was not found by wintoclient()?

I think that hiding a window by unmaping it is a way more obvious
approach than moving it to a invisible place. Is there any reason why
dwm hides windows like that?
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