[dev] [TinyGL]Request to add project to suckless.org repositories

From: geklmintendont <geklmintendont_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2020 14:22:37 -0400

Dear Suckless Community,

I am the maintainer of the most up-to-date
TinyGL fork.
TinyGL is a very small, lightweight, and fast subset of
OpenGL for software rendering. It was originally developed by Fabrice
Bellard in 2002, but it contained numerous bugs and RGBA 32 bit
rendering was incorrect. I've been expanding and extending its

Due to the nature of our needs for the project, i've removed
GLX and NanoGLX portions from the library.

The codebase is not *quite*
conformant to your coding standards but... it's close. It'd take a
couple days to make it totally compliant.


(The latter is where most of the development happens, the former is
where I maintain a separate release. I write my own examples and test
programs in MIT/CGL/TGL of our main codebase repo)

I was wondering if
you would either...
1) Like to fork my project onto your site
3) Give me a repository to push to on suckless.org for the

~Gek of the C Chads.
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