Re: [dev] [surf][bug] bug in pipe communication to extension

From: Jona Ackerschott <>
Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2020 13:09:22 +0200

Hello Hiltjo,

> Where is the patch?
Sorry, see the appendix of this mail.

First let me say that i never worked with the codebase of surf before.
I realised that my previous understanding of this bug seems to be
partially wrong, so this patch works, but i don't know why exactly.
My idea to avoid the readpipe function is probably bullshit, so you
could as well just ignore this patch.

The underlying problem continues to be the fact, that the web extension
can be initialized multiple times, but i didn't figure out yet, why this
should lead to some broken pipe.
I will get back to you if i do.


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