Re: [dev] Re: [hackers] announcing tec: temporary email commands

From: Silvan Jegen <>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2020 21:44:03 +0200

Cág <> wrote:
> Greg Reagle wrote:
> > May I see the single script please?
> Attached.
> My workflow is usually similar to this:
> 1. Download mails and list unread: `mblaze s -d`
> 2. Read them: `mblaze s -v 1:5`
> 3. Reply to a message: `mblaze s -r 4`
> There are separate arguments to list sent, unread, archived, etc., mails,
> as well as to remove messages and save attachments.
> I have two accounts, this is handled as well.
> The script can somehow be improved I believe.

Interesting stuff! I'm using mblaze with a few shell aliases (I wrote
a blog post about my setup here[0]) which is a different approach that
works quite smoothly. I am sure this can be improved still as well.

What I have been struggling with is using aliases for email addresses
... I would be interested in different approaches there. This is off-topic
for this email thread though.



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