Re: [dev] Programs that rock

From: Kyryl Melekhin <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2021 16:10:21 +0000

Mart Zirnask <> wrote:

> I will definitely try out neatvi, but shouldn't you mention somewhere
> in your readme that it is a fork of Ali Gohlami Rudi's neatvi? [1] His
> other framebuffer applications [2] would probably also deserve a place
> in the 'rocks' listing.

True, it does not mention that it's from Ali,
I thought it was common knowledge, but he is credited in the
source code comment. I'll credit him in the readme also if it
bothers you so much. Although the amount of effort I put into the fork
is probably equal to what Ali made, so there is a reason why I posted
my version. So try the stock version, see what features are missing for
your needs, then try mine, do a diff and patch if I have the features
you may need, and have your own custom fork. Keep in mind though that
I made my neatvi a general purpose editor that I use for everything now,
I comletely got rid of VIM from my system, which is considered harmful.
So ideally my wish is to make people do the same. Many people use dwm and
st and it grew to have many good patches and infinite user control. So
why can't we have the same good things for a text editor? I tried all
text editors listed on the rocks page and all of them were not suitable
for hacking in some way, just like how easy it is to hack on st or dwm
for example. But neatvi came in as a saving hero.

I wouldn't mind also adding other Ali's apps on the rocks page.

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