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From: Carlos Torres <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2021 08:33:13 -0500

You Guys can, checkout the suckless sites repo
git:// and submit your own preferred changes for


On Mon, Jan 25, 2021 at 2:00 AM Kyryl Melekhin <> wrote:
> Mart Zirnask <> wrote:
> > I will definitely try out neatvi, but shouldn't you mention somewhere
> > in your readme that it is a fork of Ali Gohlami Rudi's neatvi? [1] His
> > other framebuffer applications [2] would probably also deserve a place
> > in the 'rocks' listing.
> True, it does not mention that it's from Ali,
> I thought it was common knowledge, but he is credited in the
> source code comment. I'll credit him in the readme also if it
> bothers you so much. Although the amount of effort I put into the fork
> is probably equal to what Ali made, so there is a reason why I posted
> my version. So try the stock version, see what features are missing for
> your needs, then try mine, do a diff and patch if I have the features
> you may need, and have your own custom fork. Keep in mind though that
> I made my neatvi a general purpose editor that I use for everything now,
> I comletely got rid of VIM from my system, which is considered harmful.
> So ideally my wish is to make people do the same. Many people use dwm and
> st and it grew to have many good patches and infinite user control. So
> why can't we have the same good things for a text editor? I tried all
> text editors listed on the rocks page and all of them were not suitable
> for hacking in some way, just like how easy it is to hack on st or dwm
> for example. But neatvi came in as a saving hero.
> I wouldn't mind also adding other Ali's apps on the rocks page.
> Regards,
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