Re: [dev] Checksums and Sig files for release gzip

From: Sergey Matveev <>
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2021 19:42:20 +0300

*** Laslo Hunhold [2021-04-17 17:57]:
>in regard to my argument: It has abysmal compile times and the compiler
>is extremely bloated.

Also it has bootstrap problem: officially there is no way to build Rust,
except for downloading some binaries for you platform from the Internet.
LLVM/Clang, GCC -- all of them can be compiled with more older GCC, tcc
and whatever C-compilers: GNU Guix with GNU Mes bootstraps C/C++-ecosystem
that way. But Rust developers... do not bother -- just shut up and
download our binaries.

There is mrustc project: Rust written on C++, that can be used to build
Rust itself. But it is just a side project, not official. 16GB of RAM
was not enough at all (constant swapping) and I borrowed 32-cores 2-CPUs
Xeon system with 128GB of RAM just to try to build mrustc with several
versions of Rust (mrust can build rust 1.29, that can build 1.30, that
can build 1.31, and so on). I succeeded on Devuan, with taking more than
50GB of diskspace. Could not build it on FreeBSD. So personally even if
I wanted to try Rust, I just have no such powerful hardware for its
bootstrapping and knowledge how to build mrustc on FreeBSD.

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