Re: [dev] tabbed: Use PWD xprop to set workdir for spawned clients. Any clear cons?

From: Mateusz Okulus <>
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2021 20:14:58 +0200

As far as I know the process it to submit patches to, where you can get some feedback and make
improvements. On such a simple patch there is just not much to say.
Then here are instruction how to add a patch
to the wiki. I'm sure it'll be accepted.

I think most suckless tools are considerd complete and only bugfixes get
commited, anything else goes into the wiki patches.

And yes, people usually won't go out of their way to comment on a
feature that they won't use. Especially if it's tabbed, which I think
it's safe to say is much less popular that dwm, st or dmenu.


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