Re: [dev] Why not use the -exec feature of find?

From: Greg Minshall <>
Date: Sat, 03 Jul 2021 06:52:54 +0300


> Yes, sir, and I think it was GNU who came up with this (see getopt(3) of
> glibc). Guideline 10 of the Utility Conventions[0] states that "--"
> marks the end of options.
> [0]:

yeah, i think gnu came up with, or took into the fold, getopt_long()
(and _only(), i guess). but, the "standardization" of using "--" for
"long options" may have pre-dated, or at least been contemporaneous
with, a more formal GNU. i remember, anyway, at Berkeley, being
introduced to that idea in, maybe, the early 1980s. (obviously, i'm not
the expert!)

cheers, Greg
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