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From: Страхиња Радић <>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2021 16:13:12 +0200

On 21/08/02 02:31, Petr Vaněk wrote:
> probably no Serbian reviewers here if no one wrote in 4 months :)

I suspected that is the case, but still the question remains who then reviewed

> Anyway, I looked to the patch and compared the layout with online
> available images of Serbian keyboards [1] and it looks similar except of
> left down 'Ж'.
> [1]
> I see a letter similar to 'S' here instead of 'Ж'. But I don't know
> nothing about this alphabet, maybe it is correct to have 'Ж' here.

The letter that looks like the latin "S" is pronounced as "dz", but in
Macedonian[1]. Serbian cyrillic alphabet[2] doesn't include the letter as we
don't have words which make use of the "dz" sound. Frankly, I have no idea what
was the original rationale behind including "S" in Serbian cyrillic keyboard
layout, while leaving out other Macedonian letters like "Ѓ" or "Ќ", except maybe
as a possible leftover from adjusting some other (ISO 8859-5?) keyboard layout
to create a layout for Serbian cyrillic. Regardless, I will send a different
patch which includes the "S" with this message.

Do note that X11/keysymdef.h states:

        #define XK_Serbian_dze 0x06af /* deprecated */

so probably someone already noticed the error. As a native Serbian speaker, I
can testify that we don't use the "S" letter when writing in cyrillic (unless as
a latin "S" in foreign words like "POSIX"), nor we use the "dz" sound in

> This should be { 0, 0, XK_Cancel },

Noted, I am sending the patch which includes this correction with this message.


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