Re: [dev] Tiny VMs and parsers

From: an2qzavok <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2021 12:15:05 +0300

buzzard.2 is a classic:
Despite being an entry to a competition, the code itself is actually
barely obfuscated, just very terse, and it comes with pretty good
design docs.

Stack machines and forth are rather good in general. I started by
and then found which vm is very
pleasant to look at and has interesting assembler.
You can also try looking at

For something more high level, I myself am currently eyeing Urbit.
Though, there's plenty of crypto/NFT cultism, their core stuff is not
really developer friendly, and I don't like how their VM reimplements
half of the standard C library, so I wouldn't really endorse it.

>preferred non lisp, supporting infix notation
Eeeh, prefix/postfix notation makes things so much easier.
Just embrace it.
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