Re: [dev] Whether a css selector applies to given html surf code

From: Sagar Acharya <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2021 06:37:43 +0200 (CEST)

> Wrong. I'd argue that the "user experience" in most programs that suck is worse
> than the "user experience" using suckless programs. That's one of the reasons we
> call them like that - "programs that suck" and "suckless programs".
> I believe we already discussed this about four months back.
> >Addic ted to almost all software out
>> there like WhatsApp, Facebook, and many more things, most are never gonna use
>> stuff like dwm . And things like Windows would keep them there. I myself
>> use dwm, hyperbola OS, but suggesting it to common people wouldn' t be
>> wise. They'll switch back to Windows, and this time maybe forever.
> And?
> This sense of urgency and worry about the size of the userbase seems to be tied
> to "software development" inside (big tech) corporations. They add (or remove)
> features to software guided by statistical analysis of the target audience with
> the aim of supporting what is perceived to generate the most profit, not by the
> program's purpose or any other reason. Suckless movement is not a corporation.
> It is a gathering of programmers writing software for themselves and others who
> value the principles of simplicity and quality in software.
> If anyone wants to use other software, by all means they should. There's nothing
> wrong with that, but on the other side, that shouldn't influence suckless
> programs.
Well, yes, I still hold that viewpoint. For me, targeting maximum people is important. It creates bigger userbase which in turn supports the tools more and creates a culture which becomes difficult to remove. I ask not to be proud that suckless doesn't target profit. Profit is required to survive and suckless depends on other donations. Systems must themselves survive and profits are necessary. Profit is not bad. Harming people by controlling them and overpowering them by unmanageable gigantic software is.

I'm repeating myself. I'll stop here. I just ask to keep it a movement but as a movement takes steps to include majority of people, let's do that. Nvm, we'll agree to disagree.

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